notes from a future production of Godot (pt.1)

We [will(have)] found ourselves with no space in which to perform, no money in our pockets and an overabundance of enthusiasm. We [will(have)] encountered ourselves as vagabonds in spite of the carrot in our pockets and the patience in our hearts.

he never said it had to be in a building.

This is true. We [now(then)and always] are vagabonds, waiting.

The playwright only asks us for a tree, a country road (a term which has several meanings, and depends entirely on the country, n’est-ce pas?). Evening. Nature, or a fervent imagination, provides.

We [etc] rehearsed at any available tree, at every available tree. Bored office workers on lunch breaks idled at a distance while the homeless crossed freely in and out of an increasingly undefined playing space. Someone tried to tell us that we needed to “move along”, but we pointed out that we were only vagabonds, sitting by a tree and talking amongst ourselves, waiting.

Rehearsing in public kept preciousness at bay. Giving anything less than everything became impossible if we were to keep the increasingly diverse and understandably skeptical crowd from interrupting. Attention must be earned, not implied.

(stay tuned for pt.2)


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